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Billie Eilish releases four songs from EP ‘dont smile at me’

American Indie-Pop singer/songwriter Billie Eilish just released four tracks from her heavenly new EP ‘dont smile at me’ following on from the success of previous singles ‘Ocean Eyes’, ‘Bellyache’, ‘Six Feet Under’ and ‘Bored’ (which featured as the soundtrack for hit Netflix show 13 Reasons Why).

Her ethereal indie style has led the 15-year-old to rack up a considerable following, with millions of monthly Spotify listeners – a huge feat for someone of such a young age. Her debut single ‘Ocean Eyes’ was released on Soundcloud in 2016 and soon picked up momentum, becoming an internet hit gathering millions of streams when later released on Spotify.

Each week she will be making a track available to listen to before her EP’s final release on August 11th.

Her EP so far commences with airy song ‘my boy’, an energetic track with delicate vocals to represent being treated poorly in a relationship and being given false promises. The pace then slows to ‘idontwannabeyouanymore’, a pacifying song with electrically soft vocals and a soothing tone. With blissful melodies coupled with euphoric lyrics such as “if teardrops could be bottled”, Billie Eilish creates an otherworldly and entrancing vibe.

The penultimate song to date on the EP is dynamic song ‘COPYCAT’, a potent song with somewhat more bitter and destructive aspects still supported by tender vocals. The concluding song available to listen to is ‘watch’, a carefree song with a delicate and uplifting tone accompanied by compelling lyrics such as “with the fire that you started in me” and “your lies will never keep, I think you need to blow ‘em out”.

If the first half of this dreamy and alluring EP is anything to go by, then the young talent which is Billie Eilish has an especially exciting career ahead of her, with her creative lyrics, ingenious songs, and an intoxicating tone. She is certainly one to watch having demonstrated such talent at such a young age.

The suggested track listing is as follows:

2. idontwannabeyouanymore
3. my boy
4. watch
5. &burn
6. party favor
7. hostage
8. ocean eyes

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