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Artist Spotlight – Hey Charlie

Imagine if Nirvana weren’t the legendary lineup of Kurt Cobain, Dave Grohl, and Krist Novosellic, but instead were a group of blonde haired British girls. That’s just first glimpses of this week’s Artist Spotlight; Hey Charlie.

Clad in red t-shirts and white skirts, Hey Charlie certainly make an impression visually by being all uninformed. However, it’s the music that matters (probably) so let’s dive into this grungy heaven. So far the trio have only released one track, coincidentally named ‘Hey’ which draws upon my personal favourite Nirvana track ‘Heart-Shaped Box’.

‘Hey’ is an incredible debut, powerful and bass heavy, overdriven to the point that the fuzz reaches your soul, yet with their harmonies drawing your conscience back out. The lyrics themselves are just as powerful with the main hook lyrics “hey” and “all we do is talk about us” instantly letting you get attached to the song and be able to sing along.

This isn’t the only thing we can report on though. In fact, Hey Charlie have been making a name for themselves on the festival circuit playing at various shows like BST Hyde Park, The Great Escape, and will be performing at this year’s Leefest and Neighbourhood Festival. Not only are they killing it on the festival circuit but they’ve announced an EP produced by none other than Tarek Musa of Spring King.

I’m yet to witness this Girls Only grunge group but I’m incredibly excited for the day I do especially after watching their short tour diary. It took me seconds to get addicted to this band I hope the same goes for everyone else out there.

Lizz: Vocals and Guitar
Sophie: Vocals and Bass
Lauren: Drums and Backing Vocals

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