Artist Spotlight: Dead Pretties

Music and social commentary go as well together as my teenage brother and Pornhub. Bands in the indie scene frequently make songs that include some form of social commentary, notably bands like Slaves, Cabbage, and Shame (recently featured on artist spotlight) made it a big part of their sound. The same can be said for this week’s Artist Spotlight, the London trio Dead Pretties.

Dead Pretties have managed to completely part a sea for them to walk through the indie world with their debut single ‘Social Experiment’. Released back in February (on Nice Swan Records), Social Experiment was the band’s first recorded song to be released into the world and has remained the only song available for us to hear outside of their shows. This is by no means a bad thing though.

Social Experiment lets you into the rhythmic guitar that feels both deliberately clunky and yet entirely designed to be that way. Shortly into the song frontman Jacob Slater’s voice jumps on far from a dulcet tone and more a British answer the the voice of Julian Casablancas. Cymbals crashing over a powerful chorus and the line “The girls and the guys went to parties in disguise” just one example of the trio’s opinions on modern social life and trend setting.

However its not that song alone that sets this band apart. Whilst I personally have not been to their shows, they’ve consistently played shows over the last year with various other bands and organisations, most notably So Young Magazine. Their shows are often described both to me and online as “raucous” “unhinged” “deranged” and various other words for what can probably be said is a mental show.

Dead Pretties are making a huge name for themselves and I’m extremely excited to see what they release, and hopefully soon I’ll attend a show myself.

Dead Pretties Are:

Jacob Slater: Guitar/Vocals
Oscar Browne: Bass
Ben Firth: Drums

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