EP Review: Slowlights – I Try So Hard

Slowlights have cracked open summer 2017 with their debut EP, ‘I Try So Hard’, castigating all other artists to make way for something new and something big.

The four piece London-lot have stampeded into the indie rock world harbouring a tinge of familiarity within their tracks; hints of artists such as Imagine Dragons and Arcade Fire, decorated with their own indescribably emphatic energy enforcing an environment of passion and enthusiasm, augment the apartheid segregating Slowlights from the ever-growing crowd of new bands.

The guys formed Slowlights back in March 2014, but it’s obvious they haven’t spent the years waiting idly; just give their new tracks a listen, that should be enough proof.

The EP opens with a lovely little song called ‘I Try So Hard’, implementing gorgeous guitar riffs, somewhat reminiscent of effects used in Catfish and the Bottlemen’s newer tracks, which lace this high-spirited, robust track, more arduously than any others, possibly the reason for the derivation of the EP title.

Following suit is ‘A Dream I Had’; hauntingly entrancing, this track simulates more epiphanic vibes conveyed through minor chords and a build up of tension throughout the song, released towards the end within harmonies of backing vocals and more substantial drums, drawing this tune to a dramatic climax.

Over the course of listening to this EP, you can hear a pattern of hefty drum beats in each track, in some cases acting as a backbone for more delicately essenced lyrical content, such as in ‘Together’. This ironic contrast between structure and content make Slowlight’s tunes ever more appealing to admire.

Last, but not at all least, ‘Overgrown’, my personal favourite. The infectious rhythm is sustained by a pounding drum beat and high quality vocal ingenuity, enhancing the genuinely fun listening experience. This is the kind of song I imagine singing along to at a festival among a crowd of like-minded listeners, a brilliant set-closer; it seems that the band had the same idea, after placing this track at the end of the EP. Speaking of festivals, this lot have bagged themselves a play at 110 Above Festival, around the start of August, which I recommend a visit to.

A sort of side-note: I heartily advise looking at their information displayed on their Facebook page; you can already get an idea of their mischievous sense of humour (check it out for a good giggle), which is always something that increases stage presence and makes for a better gig atmosphere.

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