Imagine Dragons

Album Review: Imagine Dragons – Evolve

Four years on from their debut album ‘Night Visions’, and their two infamous tracks ‘Radioactive’ and ‘Demons’, and it’s safe to say that Imagine Dragons have done what their latest album says on the tin: evolved.

Evolve, released last Friday, has somewhat more of a piano and drum lead to its sound, and less of a focus on the lead guitar which is more apparent in the likes of Radioactive and On Top Of The World.

The new album begins with a bang before ending on a more rhythmic and softer sound.

The first track, ‘I Don’t Know Why’ has a strong intro, with Dan Reynolds’ voice almost reminding me of Billy Squier’s, combined with a very Noughties pop-esque clapping beat. Admittedly the track is not the typical sound for the group which are considered a rock band, but Imagine Dragons’ sound has definitely evolved, just as the album states. Also, there are spontaneous guitar licks within the song, suggesting that not all of the rock is gone and the American band should still be considered a rock group.

Further into the album the tracks remarkably start to sound more like how the group sounded in their debut album. The track ‘Rise Up’ captures this, with the unmistakable heavy drum beats of Daniel Platzman combined with the powerful vocals of Reynolds and even Daniel Wayne Sermon’s lead guitar not going unnoticed.

Overall, Evolve marks a significant change in the sound we typically come to expect from Imagine Dragons, with a greater emphasis being placed on the piano, drums and vocals to ensure a more modern, pop-rock finish.

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