Meet The Garage Flowers – ICM Exclusive

We sat down with Indie-Punk rockers The Garage Flowers before their set at The Hawley Arms for a chat about politics, sex, music and life in London. Check it out below:

When did you guys get together?

(Jonny) “We all met in Bristol and started messing around, doing mini tours and that for about 2-3 years and then we thought, fuck it, let’s go to London. We chucked all of our stuff in the back of a van and off we went. We only knew one guy in London and asked to stay with him. Year and a half later, here we are”

What Made you want to start a band?

“I got a guitar for my 18th Birthday and I thought it was the best present ever. I thought if I learnt ‘Wonderwall’ I’d get laid. I was in a band for 6 months and was always making bands since”

You guys recently played Camden Rocks recently how was that?

“Fucking amazing. From what we can remember of it, it were fucking amazing. (Olly) here turned up with 6 bottles of Whisky” (Bass Player) “If you remember a Garage Flowers gig you weren’t truly there” (Guitar Player) It was fucking electric. Best gig we’ve ever played.

We’ve heard you’ve got a new single coming out soon? Tell us about that!

It’s called ‘Hello Tango’. Basically a guy in Bristol we used to hang around with is a proper geezer and every time he passed a fit bird he’d say ‘Hello Tango’ so we wrote a song about it”.

We had a look on your Facebook and saw that you (Jonny) were voted ‘Best Looking Lead Guitarist in UK’.

“It was made by me and voted by me. It’s a simple competition. The competition was the geezer from The Wurzels”

Do you think your music is in anyway Political?

“Not at all man. None of it is about politics really. (Olly) Everything is about politics these days when it’s on topic. We live in a populist society. It’s music is political, it’s seasonal.

Did you guys vote?

(Joe) I did. I went with Corbyn. I’ve never voted in my life but this time, I felt like this is somebody I can truly believe in. The newspapers where slagging him off saying that he’s been a campainger all of his life like it’s a bad thing. And I was like, That’s fucking great. The fact that he got arrested in the 80’s is wicked. Get on that Corbyn. That’s pretty rock and roll”.

Whats next for the band?

(Olly) I guess it’s the single and the video next. (Jonny) Yeah we’re just taking it as it comes. Obviously we have ambitions to be the best band in the world. You just can’t become that over night. We’ve just got new management and we’ve got a lot of stuff coming out. We want to be recognised. Next year is when we’re proper at it”



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