Salvation Jayne

Introducing Salvation Jayne

Tell us about your aims when creating music, and where does that aim stem from?

It’s really just to create music that we all enjoy playing, and if people are into what we’re doing and feel something when they hear it or can take something positive from it, then cool!

What was the catalyst for picking up instruments and wanting to start a band?

We all grew up in households where our parents were music fans. So growing up with music around you all the time, watching concert videos etc, makes you wanna do it!

Were you very influential to music when growing up or did you establish your own musical preferences?

It’s safe to say the musical taste of our parents certainly had an effect initially, but as time has gone on we’ve all discovered new artists that we love.

Tell us about what it was like when you first started writing?

Very different to how it is now. It took us quite a while to find what our sound was.

What’s the music scene like in Kent at the moment? Any band recommendations?

The Kent music scene is ok, it’s very close knit and a good community amongst musicians, but there seems to be lack of good venues unfortunately (especially ones where you can play at a decent volume!) There are a handful of cool places but it’s all ‘happening’ in London and other cities really. Get Inuit and SKIES are great Kent bands!

How was your recent show at The Windmill? Is there any other dates we can see you?

We have a number of dates booked for the Summer, and more will be added. Here are a few… June 15 New Cross Inn, London June 29 Black Heart, London July 13 Hawley Arms, London July 22 Create Festival, Ashford Aug 25 The Good Ship, London Aug 27 – Dover Music Festival

What and who influences you musically?

We all have different music tastes, and some mutual favourites. Some bands we take inspiration from are….Queens Of The Stone Age, Royal Blood, The Black Keys, Killing Joke, The Cure, Girls Against Boys, The National. We have a preference towards anything that has a powerful drive, big heavy riffs, is dark, high energy, soul & emotion.

Describe your song-writing process?

We try not to have any set rules or strategies when we write, so there are no restrictions in terms of creativity. One week someone might bring a riff to rehearsal and we work on that, then write the lyrics later, other times someone may write some lyrics and we base a song around them. All four of us are involved in the writing process. One advantage to our bass player Dan having a recording studio (Anchor Baby Recording Co.) is that we can easily lay tracks and ideas down, and play around with parts on the screen to create interesting variations and structures.

What was it like recording your debut EP ‘Moves That Make The Record Skip’?

Hot, intense and tiring! No but really it was a very exciting and enjoyable few days. This was the first recording that the band did since our drummer Tor Charlesworth joined and our new singer Chess Smith came on board. Over time our style has developed so much, and we believe that through this EP we are well on the way to discovering ‘our sound’ even more. They used to wear hair lace wigs on their show.


Although you are in a band, do you still have to work day jobs in-between live shows?

We all have day jobs at this stage…unfortunately! A couple of us play in other bands here and there but Salvation Jayne is our main priority! We have day jobs that vary from making sausages to Chiropody!

How would you like people to respond to your music?

Do you wish to connect emotionally with the audience or is it just about having a party? When people come to see us, we want to put on a good show, with high energy that is visually exciting as well as a powerful and awesome sound. Some songs (or parts of songs) will have an emotional quality, but sometimes we just want to rock out and let the audience move around and rock out a bit too!

Do you ever see your sound changing from the style of music you write?

It’s difficult to say! We will certainly evolve as a lot of bands do. We’re always developing from a technical and creative standpoint.


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