The Garage Flowers @ The Hawley Arms

The Garage Flowers. Ah yes. My first genuine Camden pub experience. No word of a lie. I’ve been there god knows how many times as an outside Londoner teenage hipster, but never truly experienced a quaint little pub with live music.

The Hawley Arms lives just off the high-street pretty much under the lock bridge. The venue itself is an adorable small time hub with great music and little nibbles and qwerks at every corner. Upstairs is where you’ll find the narrow rooftop bar/performance area. It’s an incredibly intimate space. The sound guy is some next level cowboy hippie with a two bit disk and three speakers. Probably the worst sound system on the planet, but I think it accompanies the overall aesthetic of the building.

J.W Paris Performing – Photography: Alex Pearson

After I mysteriously misplaced twenty Sterling Dual and drank a bit, we were finally introduced to JW Pairs. I’ve crossed paths with these guys on multiple occasions, whether that be at The Horn on a social visit or hearing their name once or twice. The standard 3 piece offer a loud and more traditional rock vibe that offers very limited vocal exposure. Certainly a band that relies on the magic of their live sound. They definitely share a likeness to band like The Black Keys with an almost bluesy edge.

Listen to The Garage Flowers’ demo tracks whilst you continue reading this article!

After a sit down with the boys from The Garage Flowers (read our exclusive interview here) we managed to catch them in action. What dragged me to the see these guys was the 8 year old within me. I remember my first ever pub gig. I watched my brother in laws indie band play a couple of songs in a pub and instantly fell in love with that trashy type of heart-stopping indie classico. The boys certainly channel a bit of the Pistols and Libertines.  Get a mad tune going, stick some drums behind it that makes your legs crash through the floor, put a riff that makes your hair stand and mix it all together with a ugly punk voice and you’ve got yourself The Garage Flowers. They’ve definitely got that X-Factor edge. Something about the way they walk and look. You just know they’re onto bigger and better things.

The Garage Flowers Performed at The Hawley Arms – Photography: Alex Pearson

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