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EP Review: Bad Sounds – PHRESSSH

We take a look at Bath born band Bad Sounds fantastically refreshing EP PHRESSSH.

After a tour with Rat Boy, Radio 1 DJ Annie Mac making their single ‘Wages’ the Hottest Record in the World, and a now sold out show at the Omeara in London, the fantastically upbeat and funky group are back with their new EP PHRESSSH (yes spelt like that).

The band themselves represent a hip-hop come funk come indie-rock vibe in their music and it’s something that is consistently leaving listeners feeling like they’ve heard something entirely new whilst still feeling familiar enough to be entirely into it straight away.

PHRESSSH starts by diving head first into one of the best bass riffs I’ve heard in recent music with their song ‘Zacharia’. With catchy lyrics in a beautiful rhythm and 70s mixed with 80s feel it’s understandable while this was chosen to open the EP, it’s one of the strongest EP openers in the current scene.

Following ‘Zacharia’ comes ‘Avalanche’ which follows their style yet with beautiful melodies to accompany throughout. The influence from Beck can be seen especially here with the lyrics seeming like the same weird but fantastically rhythmic style Beck is known for. This comes from vocalist and keyboardist Ewan Merrett, more specifically his father; “He used to play Odelay all the time”.

‘Meat on My Bones’ comes next and if by this point anything can be said about Bad Sounds its that they know how to open a song quickly and brilliantly. The third track opens with a lovely guitar riff before breaking instantly into a fuzzy bass riff and a small triangle hit that fits so well into the style. The song goes on to a chorus which stuck in my head instantly. The chorus in this song is where the 70s funk really comes out in the bass and the keyboard tones and it’s a welcome return for this style.

Proclaimed Hottest Record in the World from Annie Mac comes next in the EP with Bad Sounds’ single ‘Wages’. This was also released on Flying Vinyl, the vinyl subscription service, so perhaps we can expect to see Bad Sounds at Flying Vinyl Festival 3 in 2018? ‘Wages’ kicks off with a fantastic feel good upbeat tone blaring brass instruments and fun guitar. The pure volume to this song and it’s fun nature see this to possibly being a summer hit.

The ending song to PHRESSSH is ‘I Feel’ a sun-drenched funky pop hit surrounded by the 80s synth vibes and almost video-game style sounds. It closes the EP wonderfully and rounds off the style and vibe that Bad Sounds are trying to go for.

In no way are they holding back, Bad Sounds are set for big things and they’re certainly pushing the get there.

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