Twin Wild

Twin Wild @ The Sugarmill

One to watch, and severely underrated, it can be none other than that of Twin Wild.

In comparison of their whiny support band counterparts. For example, Ember Weir, a trio on stage, seemed to be nothing but a one-man band in terms of vocal capacity, with the lead singer taking the merit. The next support act on stage, Faraday, attracted a much older crowd, however, coupled with whiny vocals, they have the potential to be so much more.

Having previously never seen Twin Wild before, they certainly did not disappoint. A quick introduction to the crowd then kicking off with a raucous live set, starting off with the first song that they ever recorded, with an evident clean rock template. Strong and vibrant guitars filled the atmosphere of the Sugarmill with smoke and clear, striking vocals.

Leading into their next song ‘Willow Tree’, giving off a heavy and harsh vibe, showcasing an intense passion for music and playing together as a band is imminent watching their on-stage chemistry.

‘Another Stranger’ filled the crowd with glee, the strong guitar riffs from Ed Thomas and David Cuzner perfectly complimented Richard’s gravelly vocals as he lamented over a lost lover. The calmer and quieter verses captured the crowd’s attention, allowing Richard’s voice to shine through before the band energetically launched themselves into the chorus held together with a solid drumbeat provided by Imran Mair.

The set advanced effortlessly with the boys charming the crowd with ‘My Heart‘ before finishing on their best-known song ‘Fears’. The boys giving their last extra injection of energy to finish off an excellent live performance. Richard’s impressive falsetto voice shone through the set, even though he stated his vocals were enduring copious amounts of strain from the tour, it was ever-impressive.

With many new and upcoming bands on the horizon, you must ask: what makes them matter?

For Twin Wild, the answer was in the form of “Control” their newly released single. The song being heartfelt, and intricate, reaching out to an obvious personal experience.

Twin Wild are a band to watch, without a doubt, they aren’t finished yet.

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