Bag Raiders

Discovery Of The Month – Bag Raiders

For November’s discovery of the month I wanted to write about someone really different and fresh. It sounds ridiculous but I found this band through a very popular meme on Facebook, introducing Bag Raiders, who thanks to millions of people on Facebook, are now becoming very popular.

The song ‘Shooting Stars’ is known by a lot of people now, and so it should be. The catchy rhythm and beat in the song is what initially drew me into listening to it, it’s a classic feel good tune. But it should be said that Bag Raiders shouldn’t only be known for that one song.

I further went on to listen to what else they had released to see if it was as brilliant as ‘Shooting Stars’ and I was not disappointed in the slightest. They have recently released a new song entitled ‘Beat Me To The Punch’ which features a lot more of a vocal viewpoint. The vocals beautifully match the soft and retro rhythm behind. There are also hints of electro music within the song.

Bag Raiders debut album was released in 2010, this album features ‘Shooting Stars’ and my personal favourite of the album ‘Sunlight’. The great thing about this album is that whilst they continue on the path of soft-dance and retro music, they also manage to switch it up so each song sounds completely different and unique in its own right.

With all the new releases this year, I’m excited to see what Bag Raiders have in store for us in 2017.

Check out their latest single ‘Beat Me To The Punch’ and find them on Facebook and Twitter.

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