Discovery Of The Month – PLAZA

This month’s discovery is the most exciting of all for me, and that’s because I’ve listened to these guys for a long time and seen them slowly become more and more popular.

So this month’s discovery is Hartlepool-based 4-piece PLAZA, who quickly came to my attention on social media at the end of last year and have been a favourite band of mine ever since. I think that PLAZA deserves the recognition they’re already receiving and more for many reasons including their undeniable musical talent and also how lovely they are as people.

The first song I ever heard from PLAZA was ‘As Above’ that I found on their Youtube channel. This song was one that featured in their debut EP that, at the time, was available to buy on Bandcamp. With this being said it wasn’t long before the band began to blow up and therefore new music was released. This new music included one of my favourite songs ‘Totem’, which I can hand-on-heart say I must have listened to thousands of times.

Whilst releasing new music, PLAZA also went on to do their own tour alongside friends of theirs and another favourite band of mine – Trash. This tour saw them gain hundreds of new fans and gave both bands the publicity they deserve.

Moving on to the second half of the year and the band have supported Rat Boy on their UK tour and the band have also teased that there will be new PLAZA material heading our way soon, I for one cannot wait.

If you want to check the band out some more, head to the links here – SoundCloudTwitterFacebook

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