Wolf Alice

Wolf Alice say “Fuck off” to Fat White Family

In an interview with Time Out, Wolf Alice have responded to Fat White Family’s harsh comments.

In November, Fat White Family founding member Saul Adamczewski dropped out of the bands’ joint European tour, stating: “I won’t be doing the rest of the Fat Whites tour because I cannot stand to listen to Wolf Alice for another night. The Fat Whites sound ok without me so go check them out! you might even get to see a penis!”

It’s a statement that was almost repeated by the band’s Lias Saoudi in a January Time Out interview. “There’s so much landfill indie and crap industry fodder at the moment,” he added. “All these horrible bands like Slaves and Peace and Wolf Alice. All this absolute drivel for angry nine-year-olds.”

Now hand on a second there. Slaves and Peace aren’t for angry little nine-year-olds is it.

Today, though, The Wolves have bitten back. Joel’s response is simply to the point – “Bring it on!”

Ellie offers up a little more, mind. “A feud through Time Out!” she jokes, “No, there’s an element of truth in what they’re saying. But I don’t think they should call out other bands, you know? It’s a bit presumptuous of him and a bit mean. We’re all learning and adjusting all the time. And also I listened to their album and I couldn’t hear a word he was saying.”

“Also, fuck off,” says Theo. Such a charmer.

“Honestly,” Joel concludes, ever the fantastic comment, “if the biggest problem you’ve got in your life is Wolf Alice and fucking indie music then you’ve got it fine.”

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