Bastille cover… The Sugababes?

Bastille have created epic covers in the past, mastering greats like Fleetwood mac and Frank Ocean, reigniting tracks in a way that only Dan Smith and his crew can.

Yes, you have read the title correctly, Bastille have covered The Sugababes 15 years after the original was released in 2000. ‘Overload’ has been made by Bastille for the new Movie, ‘Kill Your Friends’.

The Sugababes’ song has ditched its roots, for a spooky feel, yet keeps its beat that rarely alters throughout the song. No one predicted that Bastille would have done this cover, but it certainly sounds great.

For some reason this song has been hidden slightly, it’s not on any of bastilles social media, their Spotify or iTunes. But not to worry,  you can listen right here!

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