Album Review: Django Django – Born Under Saturn

Four-piece indie pop band Django Django, from London, are now on their second album, ‘Born Under Saturn’ which includes that surf, rockabilly, psychedelic and electronic music we all love. The marginally more hi-fi but every bit as imaginative and engaging for their latest album.

Opening song ‘Giant’, has the booming piano chords and the mesmerizing rhythm ‘n’ blues of ‘Found You’, also trademark electro-pop of ‘First Light’ – This  can be related back to ‘Life’s A Beach’ in their self-titled debut album.

‘Pause Repeat’ brings some dancefloor music to light, with a softer beat and the repetitive piano melody. It is quickly followed by the addictive single ‘Reflections, (Which featured in ‘SongOfTheWeek’) Thumping synth beat makes way for a grooving hook and completed with a rather unexpected and yet superb jazz sax solo added into the end.

When you listen to ‘Vibrations’ for the first time it sounds totally different to the Django’s normal sound, perhaps because of the hip-hop style background has added a different edge. The sound of the bongos closing off the track as a new instrument added to the list, that Vincent Neff, David Maclean, Tommy Grace and Jimmy Dixon couldn’t handle already.

‘Shot Down’ and ‘High Moon’ have a darker tone to the album. The electronic beat has an evil tone, if compared to First Light or ‘Pause Repeat’ you can easily tell the difference. ‘Beginning To Fade, 4000 Years and Break The Glass’ all have very similar beats and electronica in them and aren’t really anything special. The closing track ‘Life We Know’, I think, has a similar sound to The Beach Boys. The esque is very similar to the pace of ‘God Only Knows’ and include the tambourine from ‘Good Vibrations’.

If the Django Django boys did feel any pressure on their return to the studio, it certainly doesn’t show on Born Under Saturn, which will ensure that their growing reputation is further enhanced.

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