Satellite Stories tease album with ‘Coupons’

Satellite Stories

We’re big fans of Satellite Stories, the Sweedish band who pride themselves on creating pop songs that are bright and airy, but like the fantastic weather we’re having right now.

This new track from the four-piece has a more serious sound over their old material, and I’m not sure the style suits the fun sounds and vocals that made us like the band in the first place.

‘Coupons’ shows a change of pace from the Satellite Stores I know, and while I’m not used to it, it is most probably a good thing. It will give them more scope and crowds will most certainly enjoy the tracked played live, as it is a track that really gets you going.

It’s the first single since they released an acoustic version of their 2013 album, ‘Pine Trails’. It is a track from their new album to be released in September, ‘Cut out the lights’. This track is the first taste of what we can expect when the album drops.

The band are going on a tour of Europe, they are playing in London at the Lexington on the 15th October this year, before then have a listen to ‘Coupons’ below.

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